20 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 20 - Happy Feet

I miss the fashion and effect,

I miss the way they looked perfect,

But I don’t miss the aching pain.

I miss how fancy I would feel

In a pair of dazzling heels,

But I will not wear them again.

My feet are happier in flats,

And flats can have just as much sass,

And so, from heels I will abstain.



  1. I couldn't walk in high heels at this point. My sense of balance is a bit off, and I have too many physical problems. I have to wear orthotic shoes. At least these days those just look like walking shoes rather than Frankenstein's boots.

  2. What fun! I do remember when such shoes were required -- and dresses and gloves too for too many occasions. Even girdles. Then came the 70's. I still remember my first day wearing pants to work. "Why, Beth," they said. "You have legs!" Thank you for the memories!