08 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 8 - Open the Doors

Open up the doors and beat the drums,

Fling wide the gates and tear down every wall,

And let the music play for all to hear.

No one is refused for all means all.

The church was meant to be an open door

That all may come and find that boundless love,

But we have lost the plot along the way,

Forgotten love is love is love is love.

Oh God, please help us turn back toward You,

Repent of pride and selfishness and fear,

Repent of hating those we think are gross:

The poor, the foreigner, the sick, the queer.

Remind us that You stand along with them;

Upon the door You knock with steady hand,

So patient, though we’ve locked ourselves inside;

You wait for us, You ask, You don’t demand.

We’ve hoarded all the talents that You gave

And stashed our lights beneath a bushel box,

We push away the world You came to save,

We praise and pat ourselves upon the back.

Open wide the doors and breach the gates;

Go out into the world and love them all;

Return to You Who called us by Your Name;

Remember it was for the world You came.



  1. That's one of the major reasons I broke away from the church when I was 18, and later ended up distancing myself from the New Age movement as well. There is a surplus of judgment and a lack of embracing marginalized people.