05 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 5 - This Is Me

I reach inside and find something I can use.

Sometimes it tries to hide and I must seduce

It out of the shadows and into the light:

Exposed and naked, and yet so strong and bright.

This is me; I am a rainbow and I dance

To the beat of my drum. So I take a chance

And I use the pieces of my heart as tools

As paint and brushes, as clay, and I make jewels.

My soul is the pen and the colour, the stain.

I sit at my desk and I open a vein,

I release my wings from out of their cage,

And I pour out my heart all over the page.

Through poetry and truth I learn how to fly;

I learn how to stretch my wings toward the sky.

They are beautiful and delicate and strong;

They lift me up and carry me on a song.

I was taught that flying was obscene and lewd

That flaunting my own freedom was quite rude,

But how can those still in prison ever know

They also can break away? So I will show

Them how. I leap into the sky and I soar.

Come follow me; you deserve to ask for more;

Cast off your chains and bonds, and cast off your fear;

Step out into the sunshine, so pure and clear.

I built myself of stories and poetry;

Words are puzzle pieces to compose the key.

I forged the melody, ignited the beat

Until each part came into place to complete

The portrait of who I am and who I’ll be.

Though sometimes it seems two pieces don’t agree,

It’s all a muddle, but it falls into sync

And I contain multitudes within a blink.

I am a lover and I am a fighter;

I am an artist and I am a writer;

I am a fool and I am educated; I am a work of art that I created.


  1. Very beautiful and resonates in the soul

  2. It was all good but you really nailed the last half of the last stanza.

  3. I love this. I can feel the drumbeat that runs through it.