27 November 2017

Remember You

Five years ago today, my mother died. Every year, I write a poem for her to keep her memory alive.

Remember You

Who will remember me when I am gone?
Who will keep the flame alive?
As I remember you today,
My mother, my friend.

23 November 2017

In the Deep

Deep beneath the surface
Something starts to stir:
Moving with a purpose
Deep beneath the surface.
Soon will be catharsis
For I cannot deter;
Deep beneath the surface
Something starts to stir.

15 November 2017

It's Not Winter Yet

There’s two feet of snow on the ground
And a four foot icicle hanging from the eaves
But it’s not winter yet

We have to warm up the car every morning
And shovel the walk every week
But it’s not winter yet

I’m wearing a parka and gloves
And earmuffs and thick winter boots
But it’s not winter yet

Windchill of negative thirty
Cutting right through my coat
But it’s not winter yet

Some people like to ignore the real world
And point at the calendar, saying
It’s not winter yet

12 November 2017

Review of Keeping Long Island by Courtney Peppernell

Keeping Long IslandKeeping Long Island by Courtney Peppernell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was wonderful. I usually don't like the conceit of a book written in diary entries, but wow. This one was so well done. Kayden is a broken young woman whose therapist suggested she keep a diary to help her learn how to share her feelings. She writes each entry as if she were talking to someone she calls "Keeper" as in Secret Keeper. And it felt like she was talking to me.

I haven't highlighted so many passages in a Kindle book before in my life. There are awkwards turns of phrase, but that feels authentic to Kayden's voice.

I was afraid that the immediacy of the story would be lost as we are reading about it "after the fact" so to speak, but that didn't happen. And Kayden's friends and family felt real to me.

There is little action here. This is a book about feelings, about sadness and depression and love and happiness. It's about family and friendship. It's slow paced and thoughtful. It's amazing.

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10 November 2017

Never Forget

Never forget the ones who fell,
Those who for us walked through hell,
Stood their ground before the foe,
Faced down evil, and said, “No.”
They fought for us, and gave their all.

Across the ages, hear the call,
O’er the oceans, hear it swell,
See the eastern sky aglow;
Never forget.

Until we hear the final knell,
May we all stand firm and tall,
And give evil no room to grow.
Never forget.

08 November 2017

For Everyone

Once upon a time I thought I knew
What was all my God required of me,
And who He had created me to be.
I was sure I knew just what was true.
Under the sun there is nothing new,
And I’d been taught that I could clearly see
That to obey the church is to be free;
But something in my heart had gone askew.

All He asks of us is that we love,
But many fellow Christians only hate.
He sent us an example from above:
He died His love for all to demonstrate.
God so loved the world He gave His Son
Not just for Christians, but for everyone.

07 November 2017

The Taste of Margarine

A film of grease upon my tongue
Chased by hints of forgery,
Just like botox makes you young.
A film of grease upon my tongue
Clings like Donald Trump among
Rants and lies and perjury.
A film of grease upon my tongue
Chased by hints of forgery.