31 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 31 - Journey's End

It's hard to believe another OctPoWriMo has come and gone, but here we are. Today's prompt is about journeys and endings.

Journey's End

Every end is a beginning;
Journey’s end can bring new life.
Everything is ephemeral
So enjoy it while you can.

30 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 30 - Sensation

Today's prompt is to "write a poem that incorporates each of the senses." The cinquain seems fitting since there are five senses, but it has only five lines, and I had more to say. So each of the five stanzas in today's poem is a cinquain.


I see
Art surrounds me,
Beauty encircles me.
Ask and receive; look and you’ll find

I hear
Everything sings;
Music is everywhere.
Listen! You will hear it as well:

I smell
Snow in the air,
The crisp scent of autumn,
Apples and pumpkins and spices,

I taste
Pumpkin, turkey,
Sweet potatoes, and pie;
Candy apples and pumpkin spice:

I feel
Chill in my bones,
Warm fire roaring bright,
My lover’s warm lips on my skin:

29 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 29 - Only Relief

Today's prompt asks us to think about an ending that was positive. I've written a rondel about my first boyfriend.

Only Relief

I felt no grief when he walked away,
Only relief that he was gone.
In his life, I was a pawn,
A decoration for display.

I’d told myself it would be okay.
I loved him; I thought he was the one.
I felt no grief when he walked away,
Only relief that he was gone.

It was a sunny summer’s day:
My best friend told me what he’d done;
I wasn’t enough; he wanted fun.
She’d spurned him, but he’d tried to stray;
I felt no grief when he walked away.

28 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 28 - What Makes Me Beautiful

Today's prompt is to record myself reading my favourite poem out loud. I've done this before other years and, this year, I really want to write 31 new poems this month so I'm skipping this prompt.

There are two popular songs that have always bothered me. They are what you might call problematic. "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction and "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera. Both of them, I believe, are trying to bring across a message of confidence in one's own beauty, but they both fall short.

When One Direction says, "You don't know you're beautiful; that's what makes you beautiful," they are implying that insecurity is attractive and, conversely, that a self-confident woman who knows she is beautiful is not attractive.

Christina says, "I am beautiful in every single way. Words can't bring me down," and that's good. But then, in the very next line, she says, "So don't you bring me down today." Wait, what? If words can't bring you down, why are you worried that anyone will bring you down? What can they do? She's undermining her message here.

I wanted to write a kind of response to these ideas, a poem of self-confidence. I believe that confidence is beautiful. Not arrogance, but knowing who you are. It's taken me a long time to get to a place where I can say that I am beautiful and mean it, and some days I still can't do it. But maybe this poem can remind me of what makes me beautiful.

What Makes Me Beautiful

I know I‘m beautiful
That’s what makes me beautiful

Paint your face
Dye your hair
Lose weight
Because you’re worth it

Take up space
Hear me roar
I create
My own self-confidence

I know I’m beautiful
That’s what makes me beautiful

Don’t tell me
My insecurities
Define me
I know I’m beautiful

For I know
My confidence
Defines me
That’s what makes me beautiful

I know I am beautiful
That’s what makes me beautiful

27 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 27 - My Happy Ending

Today's prompt is about happy endings. "What is your happy ending?" I know I've written about my husband several times this month, and maybe I'm a bit sappy, but he's one of the best things in my life. He's my happy ending. Today's sonnet (Italian style) is written in third person, but "she" here is me.

My Happy Ending

Once upon a time there was a girl
Who dreamed of romance, chivalry, and knights.
Since she was young, her mind would tend on flights
Of fancy, free from fetters of the world.
Happiness, she thought, would be a whirl-
Wind love affair, consuming days and nights;
Of deepest depths and, oh, so dizzy heights.
Instead, she found love like a bloom unfurled,
A slow awakening like spring’s return.
Before she knew what happened, she would yearn
To be with him each moment of each day.
She was surprised to find her soul would say,
“This is my other half, the one for me,
My happy ending I could not foresee.”

26 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 26 - The Eleventh Hour

Today's prompt is the Loop form, which is described differently on Shadow Poetry and on the prompt page. I decided to go with the Shadow Poetry description, and I ended up writing kind of a follow up to my paradelle from October 16. Again, this is about Doctor Who, but this time, it's about the beginning of the Eleventh Doctor's time (The Eleventh Hour).

The Eleventh Hour

Ring around the rosy
Rosy cheeks so red
Red as roses blooming
Blooming by the shed

Shed the bad wolf memory
Memory, say goodbye
Goodbye to loss and hello
Hello, my cool bowtie

25 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 25 - Toy Horse

Today's prompt asks us to remember our favourite toy from childhood. I had a horse my mom crocheted for me that went everywhere with me, fueling my imagination.

Toy Horse

His body made of yarn,
Stuffed with fibrefill;
His tail two strands of white—
The rest had fallen out.
Yet, in my mind he shone with pride,
Trotted, cantered, ‘cross the fields;
Mane and tail flowing free,
Head held high with pride.

24 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 24 - Walking in Snow at Night

Today's prompt suggests that we take a picture and write a story poem inspired by it. I'm not sure if mine is exactly a story, but it's what came to me with this photo.

Walking in Snow at Night

Golden light upon the snow
Under starry skies above
Makes a softer, warmer glow
Than daylight ever does.

The hurry, hurry, busyness,
The frantic rush to get things done,
Feels like distant craziness,
Vanished with the setting sun.

Quiet, hush, your steps must slow,
Squeaking softly in the night,
Following the path of light
Through a world that’s all aglow.

23 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 23 - One in a Million

Today's prompt is about how small things fit together to make up a whole. I took the line 'a drop in the ocean' and kind of went a different direction with it. I also used a song I loved from my teenage years as inspiration (video is embedded below).

One in a Million

A drop in the ocean
A grain of sand on the shore
Just one in a million
That’s what you are
A work of art
Treasured by your creator
Truly one in a million
That’s what you are

22 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 22 - Shadows of Anger and Fear

I couldn't get inspired by today's prompt, so I used yesterday's Wednesday Poetry Prompt from Writer's Digest, and wrote a sonnet about Star Wars. I am so excited about the new film coming. I've been watching the trailer over and over.

Shadows of Anger and Fear

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away,
The shadows of anger and fear grew strong and bold.
The stories are true: it’s us who saved the day,
Took down the Sith, refused to be controlled.

We lost our homes, we lost our families,
We lost so much, we vowed we’d lose no more,
We’d never live our lives upon our knees,
So we took up our arms and went to war.

Among the stars, he faced his destiny—
A choice between what’s right and what’s easy—
And chose the path of light, chose to be free,
And showed us all what love can truly be.

Though darkness had his father’s soul enslaved,
‘Twas love that gave his son the pow’r to save.

21 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 21 - Storms and Strife

Today's prompt is to write a ballad about being overwhelmed and how we deal with it.

Storms and Strife

When life is full of storms and strife
I remember You;
When problems seek to bury me
I know I will break through.

I am Yours no matter what;
I hold onto You.
Love came down and died for me:
I know that this is true.

Over mountains’ lofty height,
Through the valleys low,
I will sing of all Your mercies,
Remember what I know.

I know that You are always here;
You will never leave.
You always give me a way out:
I only need receive.

20 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 20 - I Love You

Today, the prompt was to write a love poem. I chose to use the HexSonnetta form since I love sonnets and I've never tried this one before. This poem is dedicated to my husband Mark.

I Love You

Do I need to say
I love you? For you know,
And every day I show
That I will never stray.
I don’t do things halfway:
You’ll always be my beau.

Yet, I know words have might
And, so you won’t forget,
I once again will let
You know you are my light.
So, yes, I know ‘tis trite,
But I have no regrets.

Never more alone,
For you and I are one.

19 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 19 - Dear Departed

Today's prompt suggests that we write a poem where each line starts with "Dear [name]" and speaks to some significant love. I decided to use only those I have lost to death.

Dear Departed

Dear Grandpa,
I remember sitting on the stairs with you,
slowly hitching ourselves up or down one step at a time.
You made a child believe it was a game
though you were too sick to walk up and down normally.

Dear Grandma,
you were my favourite singer.
My head is still full of your songs.

Dear Grandad,
thank you for bending your thumb backwards to make me laugh when I was a child.
You didn’t talk much, but I always knew you loved me.

Dear Oliver,
I miss the way you would sleep on my pillow and purr.
You were my baby.

Dear Mom,
how can I ever thank you for everything you did for me?
I will never stop missing you.

18 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 18 - A King in Rags

Today's prompt is to write about something that isn't what it seems. I wrote this one in church this morning.

A King in Rags

A carpenter’s son
From a backwoods town
With nowhere to lay his head,
He walked the land
Through the dust and the mud,
No majesty about him.

17 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 17 - Dancing in the Rain

Today's prompt is the cascade, and dancing.

Dancing in the Rain

I tilt my face toward the sky,
I spin around and smile,
Dancing in the rain.

Water running down my neck
Washing me clean;
I tilt my face toward the sky,

I close my eyes,
And spread my arms,
I spin around and smile.

Thunder, lightning all around;
I give myself to the storm,
Dancing in the rain.

16 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 16 - Find a Way

Today's prompt suggests that we try the paradelle, which is, quite honestly, the most difficult form of poetry I have ever attempted. Since I love trying new forms, I gave it a shot. Though I almost gave up several times, I pushed on and finished it. I have never felt such a sense of accomplishment as when I sat back and said, "I did it!"

This is a fanpoem. For those who have not watched Doctor Who, the story told here will not be familiar, but I think that you can follow it anyway. It's the story of a man and woman who fall in love and are separated by time and space and try to find their way back to one another.

Find a Way

He burned a star to say goodbye;
He burned a star to say goodbye.
Her heart will die at Bad Wolf Bay;
Her heart will die at Bad Wolf Bay.
At Bad Wolf Bay, a star will die—
He burned her heart to say goodbye.

Though universes crash and burn,
Though universes crash and burn,
She will return; she’ll find a way.
She will return; she’ll find a way.
She’ll find a way, though she will burn,
Crash universes, and return.

Alone, now wanders, broken, lost,
Alone, now wanders, broken, lost,
He saved the world, the cost his soul.
He saved the world, the cost his soul.
The soul alone now, wanders lost,
The broken world he saved his cost.

At Bad Wolf Bay, a star he burned;
The world he saved now will return;
His lost and broken soul will die.
Alone wanders her heart… Goodbye.
Universes she’ll crash to say—
Though she burn the cost—“Find a way.”

"I'm burning up a star just to say 'Goodbye'"

15 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 15 - Dream

Today's prompt asks us to imagine what we would do if we could do anything we wanted. "What is your wildest dream?" I have way too many dreams to boil it down to one poem, so I just wrote an acrostic about dreams.


Diving in: sink or swim;
Reaching out, I know I’ll win.
Everything that I can be
As I try, I will see
My dreams become reality.

14 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 14 - Today

Today's prompt asks us "What is on the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow?"


Between yesterday and tomorrow
I find my present:

13 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 13 - Love Will Be

Today's prompt asks us to write about risks we are willing to take, and suggests using the blitz form. This is one of my favourite poetry forms, so I had to take up the challenge. Instead of writing about risks I might/will take, I wrote about a risk I took seven years ago: on September 1, 2008, I asked my best friend if he wanted to be my boyfriend. This year, we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. So that risk worked out well, I think. ;)

Love Will Be

I had waited
I had dreamed
Dreamed of love
Dreamed of forever
Forever I would be with him
Forever we would love
Love is patient
Love is blind
Blind to signs that all could see
Blind to feelings, leaving fear
Fear of rejection
Fear of being open
Open up my mouth
Open up my heart
Heart so full of love
Heart so full of hope
Hope like a tiny flickering flame
Hope that flared at his response
Response that fulfilled my every wish
Response set my heart ablaze
Ablaze with feeling
Ablaze with joy
Joy that never yet has waned
Joy that took me to the church
Church with friends and family
Church where we became one
One flesh
One soul
Soul mate was just a word before
Soul mate is my husband now
Now we have woven our lives together
Now we are one soul in two bodies
Bodies that once were separate
Bodies that yearn to touch
Touch my heart
Touch my hand
Hands entwined
Hands so strong
Strong and able to keep me safe
Strong, yet gentle
Gently holds me
Gently gives his best
Best lover
Best friend
Friends we are
Friends we will always be
Be together
Be forever

12 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 12 - A Thanksgiving Haiku

Today is Thanksgiving Monday in Canada. Here's a haiku about thankfulness.

A Thanksgiving Haiku

I thank my God for
Life and love and everything.
He fulfills my needs.

11 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 11 - Under Your Hand

Today is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so instead of using today's prompt, I wrote an acrostic about what I'm thankful for.

Under Your Hand

There is so much I
Have to be thankful for:
All my
Needs are met, and there is unlimited
Knowledge at my fingertips.

Yes I
Own all I need. I live
Under Your hand.

10 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 10 - I Hide

I am the type of writer who rereads, edits, and rewrites everything several times. I believe in polishing and reworking something until it is perfect. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, and I believe that most of my rough drafts need that in order to shine. Like a diamond pulled from a mine, a rough draft needs to be cut and polished before being set in a ring or necklace and shared with the world.

Having said all that, I decided to give "wild writing" a try. In todays' prompt, Morgan Dragonwillow suggests that we try to turn off our brains and just write from the deepest part of ourselves. I wasn't able to exactly stop thinking, but I think I managed a stream of consciousness free verse. I listened to the Piano Guys and just allowed myself to feel. And I didn't rewrite it. This is the raw, unedited words I threw down as I listened.

To get into my headspace, play the video while reading.

I Hide

There’s a fire burning deep within my soul
A raging inferno
But I let no one see
The deepest part of me
A storm of ice and flame
This is who I am
But I care too much what others think
And so I hide

09 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 9 - Opposing Forces

Today's prompt is the symbolism and duality of the elements, earth, fire, air, and water. I wrote an alliterative 4-stress (Tolkien's favourite form) for this because it just seemed to want to be that.

Opposing Forces

It’s cool and calm and captivating
Then rushing, roaring, raging wild

The solid strength of sturdy stone
Turns murky, muddy, a dusty mess

A cheery warm, crackling comfort
Or a scorching, searing, stinging blaze

A soughing, susurrating secret
But a tornado, tempest, typhoon, gale

08 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 8 - Bug Misplaced

I'm not following the prompt today because something happened to me last night that I just can't get out of my head, so I had to write about it.

Bug Misplaced

Taking a sip of ginger ale
Should not be a source for chilling tales.
Into my glass a beetle had slipped;
Heedless, I lifted it to my lips.
Instantly feeling something off,
Gagging and spitting, I gasped and coughed.
Twelve hours later, I still can taste
The awful awareness of bug misplaced.

These things are all over my house right now, and they're driving me crazy. Google tells me they're Boxelder bugs and they're generally harmless. But who wants bugs in their house—or in their food and drink?! For those wondering, I did spit it out and it was dead. I'm not sure if it drowned in my ginger ale or if I killed it.

07 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 7 - My Career

Today's prompt is to write about something that we wouldn't change, maybe a decision that seemed wrong at the time but in hindsight is the best thing. I decided to write about the job I have that I applied for on a whim and now love.

My Career

I went on a whim
Never done something like it
Now it’s a passion

06 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 6 - Blazing Light

Today's prompt is about freedom and courage. What would I do if I were brave? I took longer than usual to think about this one, finally settling on the villanelle form and using two of my favourite songs—Rachel Platten's Fight Song and Sarah Bareilles' Brave—as inspiration.

Blazing Light

I am filled with blazing light,
Igniting words like tidal waves;
I will stand my ground and fight.

Banish fear, take back the night:
Do not tell me to behave;
I am filled with blazing light.

I speak, I sing, I shout, I write—
I’ll be silent in my grave.
I will stand my ground and fight.

This is no time to be polite;
I find the strength and I am brave.
I am filled with blazing light.

If I dare, I might incite
A flood of others, rushing waves.
I will stand my ground and fight.

We demand the wrongs made right,
The slaves are freed, the children saved.
I am filled with blazing light;
I will stand my ground and fight.

05 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 5 - My Heart has Always Known

Today's prompt asks us to write about love and relationships. As always, I must write about my husband Mark. I actually cannot remember the first time we met, and sometimes it feels like I've always known him. I've tried to capture that in a triolet.

My Heart has Always Known

I can’t recall a time before
It seems my heart has always known
We two are halves of but one soul
I can’t recall a time before
Without you I was never whole
With you I am so much more
Nevermore to be alone
I can’t recall a time before
Without you I was never whole
It seems my heart has always known

04 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 4 - Embrace the Darkness

Today's prompt is magic. With such a broad, open-ended field to play in, I decided to limit myself with a strict form. I settled on the Kyrielle Sonnet because I love sonnets.

Embrace the Darkness

Welcome to the time of year when
Spirits wander in broad daylight,
We all embrace the darkness, and
Magic thrills us all day and night.

The sun is losing all his hold;
He no longer has any right
To prevail o’er all as of old.
Magic thrills us all day and night.

We glory in macabre and grim,
In spooky and weird we delight.
Cobwebs, spiders—ghoulish is “in.”
Magic thrills us all day and night.

Welcome to the time of year when
Magic thrills us all day and night.

03 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 3 - Call My Name

Today's prompt asks us to think about what makes us not want to write, what makes it difficult to sit down and create. There are so many things in life that can make me busy, take my attention, that I started to get overwhelmed just thinking about it all. I had to take a step back and I realized it all boils down to what I make time for, and then it just came to me. So, here's a haiku about what distracts me and takes up my time.

Call My Name

Work, tv, and books
Call my name, demand my time.
And yet, I must write.

02 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 2 - We are Returning

Today's prompt asks us to write something inspired by a favourite movie or music video. I chose something that's kind of both: the Misty Mountains Cold from The Hobbit (click the link and scroll down to read the lyrics and watch the music video/scene from the movie). I read the book as a child, watched the movie(s) as an adult, and have always been inspired by the story.

I did something a little different with the poetry form today, something I have done in the past and really enjoy: I made up my own. Today's poem is a bit like a villanelle, a bit like a ballad, but all my own thing. I hope you enjoy.

We are Returning

The mountain is on fire;
Our home is burning.
Blood is in the air;
My heart is yearning.

Now years and years have gone:
Uncounted turnings.
And every single moment
My heart is yearning.

Today we stand as one:
The dragon spurning.
Blood is in the air;
We are returning.

Far over the mountains
We are returning
To caverns deep and old,
The dragon spurning.

We leave ere break of day—
My heart is yearning.
Today we stand as one:
We are returning.

The mountain is on fire;
We are returning.
Blood is in the air;
My heart is yearning.

01 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 1 - Clouds

Today is the first day of OctPoWriMo 2015, and today's prompt is clouds. I've decided to write an acrostic about the different types of clouds, and I've attempted a bit of rhyme as well.


Come and watch the clouds with me.
Light and fluffy cirrus—lie back and float away.
Oncoming storm: we watch it grow, filling all we see,
Uncaring cumulous, huge and dark and grey.
Darkness falls: silent, cold, and bleak;
Stratus creeps across the sky, ending day.