21 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 21 - Storms and Strife

Today's prompt is to write a ballad about being overwhelmed and how we deal with it.

Storms and Strife

When life is full of storms and strife
I remember You;
When problems seek to bury me
I know I will break through.

I am Yours no matter what;
I hold onto You.
Love came down and died for me:
I know that this is true.

Over mountains’ lofty height,
Through the valleys low,
I will sing of all Your mercies,
Remember what I know.

I know that You are always here;
You will never leave.
You always give me a way out:
I only need receive.


  1. This sings like a hymn. Thank-you and also for sharing a song by a fav artist!!

  2. this is music to someone you benefit.

  3. http://bluebellbooks.blogspot.in/

    check out short story slam week 31 today.