03 October 2014

OctPoWriMo 3 - Sweetness

Today's prompt asks us to write about "what brings sweetness into your life." The suggested form is tri-fall, a syllabic poetry form with three stanzas of six lines. I had never tried this form, and I love forms, so I gave it a shot.


What things make me happy,
Make me smile,
Lift my soul and help me to soar?
I try not to worry—
Not worthwhile.
I have so much worth fighting for.

First, and best, I am free,
Not on trial.
I am blessed that we’re not at war.
Now, you may disagree—
I love style:
Clothes and shoes and baubles and more.

My favourite “candy”
Is when I’ll
Find a new fandom to explore.
I am very geeky;
It makes me smile
To read and write fanfic and more.


  1. Thankful.. sweetness. Lovely!

  2. Now that's a funky taste on candy. Sweetly done!

  3. :) First and best, I am free.

    Most poets might have chosen to keep the freedom part as the last thing, but I like that you keep it as the first :)

    * Smiles at the candy part *

  4. Thanks for the reminder of how sweet it is to be free! Reading fanfiction is one of my favorite indulgences. :-)

  5. I love your "candy", my fellow poetic geek! I giggled as I read your last line as I sit with my writer friends in Panera, knowing that one of them is working on her latest fanfic!

  6. Fun fandoms are the best. Whovian here. *tips fez

  7. I'm quite the geek myself! Actually, all of us at Team Netherworld are. We have several fandom-based blogs, although in some cases the origins of the characters we discuss are obscured. However, we know about the chewy center within the crunchy coating!
    Sorry--I just had to get a candy reference in there.
    Thanks for visiting us at http://poetryofthenetherworld.blogspot.com