02 October 2014

OctPoWriMo 2 - To Two Too?

Today's prompt is 2, or two, or too, or to. I went with a two stanza poem where each stanza is two lines, and I think I've used every permutation of to, two, and too that I could. I thought about making each line be only two beats, but that would have been too short, so I went with four beats per line (which is two times two).

To Two Too?

Too many things to do today;
I need two minutes to play and pray.

Too much on my plate for me to chew—
God, can you add a few hours too?


  1. If he tosses some your way. can you share? I could always use a few extra hours.

  2. A few more hours in a day are often a good thing--although I've had some days that I certainly wished were a lot shorter!

  3. I know Im not alone in this but could I get a couple too if you have a connection?

  4. Love it! Simple, playful, and oh so relatable. Who doesn't want more time?

  5. Very nice, working with all the two, to, toos! Well, I'm not good at math, but the 4 beats worked out great! Thanks for stopping by my blog, 'too', Esther!

  6. This is me everyday. LOL. I really love this one for it's simplicity and how easy it is to relate.