13 October 2014

OctPoWriMo 13 - Palate Palette

Today's prompt is colours. I believe that all (or nearly all) of us are at least a little synaesthetic. You may not physically taste a colour when you see it, but if I was to say that something 'tastes green,' you could probably guess what I mean. I don't have extreme synaesthesia myself, but I find the senses overlapping in my thoughts and in my writing. So I decided to play with that, and also with the homophones 'palate' and 'palette.'

Palate Palette

Red is fire
Hot and sweet
Cinnamon and cayenne

Yellow’s sharp
Warm and tart
Cheeses, bread, and lemon

Green is gentle
Cool and fresh
Celery and cabbage

Feel and taste
Hear and smell
See and know

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