08 October 2014

OctPoWriMo 8 - Kill the Moon

Today, the prompt is the moon, and the suggested type is acrostic. I just watched the newest episode of Doctor Who last night, "Kill the Moon," so that's all that I have in my head today. If you don't watch Doctor Who, I highly recommend it.

Kill the Moon

Keep the lights turned on for life;
It’s your choice to wield the knife.
Let it live, you may end all
Life on earth—you make the call.

Turn your face toward the sky:
Hecate’s light glows from on high.
Everything some time must die.

Make your choice—you have no time—
Only, it may be a crime:
One you always will lament, and
Never can repent.


  1. Nice writeup and take on the whole full moon theme. I love the title too. It's what drew me here. Good job!


  2. Oh I love how you used all the words in your title for the Acrostic! Nicely done!