22 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 22 - Shadows of Anger and Fear

I couldn't get inspired by today's prompt, so I used yesterday's Wednesday Poetry Prompt from Writer's Digest, and wrote a sonnet about Star Wars. I am so excited about the new film coming. I've been watching the trailer over and over.

Shadows of Anger and Fear

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away,
The shadows of anger and fear grew strong and bold.
The stories are true: it’s us who saved the day,
Took down the Sith, refused to be controlled.

We lost our homes, we lost our families,
We lost so much, we vowed we’d lose no more,
We’d never live our lives upon our knees,
So we took up our arms and went to war.

Among the stars, he faced his destiny—
A choice between what’s right and what’s easy—
And chose the path of light, chose to be free,
And showed us all what love can truly be.

Though darkness had his father’s soul enslaved,
‘Twas love that gave his son the pow’r to save.

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  1. Cool .... didn't know there was another Star Wars on the way!