26 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 26 - The Eleventh Hour

Today's prompt is the Loop form, which is described differently on Shadow Poetry and on the prompt page. I decided to go with the Shadow Poetry description, and I ended up writing kind of a follow up to my paradelle from October 16. Again, this is about Doctor Who, but this time, it's about the beginning of the Eleventh Doctor's time (The Eleventh Hour).

The Eleventh Hour

Ring around the rosy
Rosy cheeks so red
Red as roses blooming
Blooming by the shed

Shed the bad wolf memory
Memory, say goodbye
Goodbye to loss and hello
Hello, my cool bowtie


  1. Lovely. Perfect rhyming :) btw, my daughter is also a huge fan of DOCTOR WHO ;)

  2. turn the page,
    read a good story from B not A,
    which is workable.

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