19 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 19 - Dear Departed

Today's prompt suggests that we write a poem where each line starts with "Dear [name]" and speaks to some significant love. I decided to use only those I have lost to death.

Dear Departed

Dear Grandpa,
I remember sitting on the stairs with you,
slowly hitching ourselves up or down one step at a time.
You made a child believe it was a game
though you were too sick to walk up and down normally.

Dear Grandma,
you were my favourite singer.
My head is still full of your songs.

Dear Grandad,
thank you for bending your thumb backwards to make me laugh when I was a child.
You didn’t talk much, but I always knew you loved me.

Dear Oliver,
I miss the way you would sleep on my pillow and purr.
You were my baby.

Dear Mom,
how can I ever thank you for everything you did for me?
I will never stop missing you.


  1. This is beautiful...I too had a good relationship with my grandparents...I write a lot about GrandMaman; and my mom passed just last Dec,and have been writing about her in her life as well as after. My son's name is Olivier

  2. lovely goodbyes