24 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 24 - Ready to Soar

One day I’ll spread my wings and fly away,

But not today for I am not yet free.

I will be me and leave behind the grey,

Over the rainbow and across the sea.

I see ahead a door and I will go

Through it and show just who I am to all,

And if I fall You’ll catch me, that I know,

And I will grow and realize Your call.

Although I dread the condemnation and

Fear I’ll be banned from church and family,

I must be free so I must take a stand,

And so I’ve planned for I know You’re with me,

For You have said You’ll not leave or forsake,

And if they break my heart, You will restore.

Fling wide the door; I’m ready to awake.

Your hand I’ll take; together we will soar.

Now I will shed the filthy rags of fear:

The way is clear; I must leave my hideout,

And I will shout of how You kept me near.

You made me queer and now I must come out.



  1. Best to be true to oneself, but sometimes it's so hard.
    ~cie from poetry of the netherworld~

  2. Whatever form you created, I like how you've kept to the rhyme scheme, but it is not intrusive. Thank you. xoA