04 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 4 - The Garden


In the beginning was a garden fair,

So green and warm and everything was new,

With flowers, fruits, and grasses seeded there.

The sprouts came up and stretched toward the sky.

The leaves and shoots and buds will multiply.

The flowers opened up with charm and flair,

Red and orange and yellow, purple, blue,

The colours and aromas fill the air,

Attracting dragonflies and butterflies

To dance upon the breeze delighting eyes.

The heat grew hotter in the sunlight’s glare

And lovers met at dusk to rendezvous

Among the trees and flowers growing there.

The chickadees and orioles and jays

Offered songs of love and joyful praise.

Beneath the milky twilight, evening prayers

Received the silver moon above the yew

While fireflies were dancing on the air.

But now the leaves are changing, colours gay;

The fields are ready for the harvest day.

Before the frost is bitter in the air,

We harvest all the crops and fruits we grew,

And then we find ourselves an awesome scare.

There’s nothing else I know that can compare

To falling leaves and pumpkins, apples too,

And when the air is crisp and sharp, beware. Now join me in the garden if you dare.


  1. I enjoyed how the garden unfolded through the seasons. And, hats off for the form you chose! xoA

  2. So glad you tried the new form! Well done!