07 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 7 - The Archer

Image by Paul Barlow from Pixabay

I feel like I am bent so I might break;

I’m pulled so far in both directions, stretched;

The tension in my body and my soul

Creates a deep abiding inner ache.

With every pleasure and with each heartbreak,

I learn and grow and find more of myself,

And when I’m strained ‘til I can take no more,

I feel like I am bent so I might break.

The Archer draws the bow—Their hands don’t shake—

And aims me at my goal and I draw breath;

I see the target waiting there for me

And, flying true, the trophy I will take.

Now, all my sweat and strain will terminate,

And all that I’ve endured will be worthwhile,

For everything has brought me to this fate.

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