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06 October 2014
Today's prompt is perfect/perfection. I kinda went a different direction with this. Instead of talking about what I see as perfect, all I could think about was how my ex used to call me his 'perfect angel' and how much that bothered me. He never understood why, but I think I've explained it  in this poem.

I Will Fall

He told me I was perfect
His angel
I saved him from… something
Without me, he would die
He would fall

I am not the Saviour
I am not an angel
Please don’t set me up
For I will fall

I am small
I am human
Don’t make me your idol
I will fall


Donetta Sifford said...

I love this and can relate. I grow nervous when someone puts me on pedestal and tells me I can keep them from failing in life, when I'm human and sure to fail them. This is perfect!

seekingmeme said...

I agree with the previous comment and with your poem. "Don't make me your idol/I will fall." Truth, indeed!

Fifi Islaih said...

I really love this, it's touching!

Angela said...

Been chucked of a pedestal two times. It hurt so bad I surely don't want to be on one again. Thanks for this poem.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!!! We will all fall!!