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22 October 2016
Today's prompt is dangerous, and the suggested form is the trolaan. While thinking about this prompt, I remembered the famous (mis)quote, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

A Woman Scorned

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." - William Congreve

There is no danger
Like the ire
Of seething anger:
Passionate fire.

How did it end
Up like this?
First intended
Just a kiss.

Once together
They assumed
They’d be forever;
Now he’s doomed.

No more pity.
No more joy.
Never guilty.
Never coy.

21 October 2016
Today's prompt is nature, and the suggested form is the terzanelle. As I often do, I went a bit off the rails; instead of talking about trees and water and whatnot, I talked about my nature. This led me into a topic that has been on my mind and heart a lot lately, and I kinda got a bit angry. 

Disclaimer: I am a Christian, but I feel like I have to call out some of my fellow Christians for the hateful things they sometimes say and do.

In My Nature

It’s not in my nature to hate anyone.
Love is love and love will win.
Why can’t we all just live in the sun?
Condemned to hell for mortal sin:
Can’t you see how you push them away?
Huddled together, looking within,
In your ivory towers you watch and pray,
Hiding away from the world outside,
Avoiding the cooties you see on the “gays.”
Don’t you remember for whom Jesus died?
Not only you and your churchgoing friends;
God loves us all; you don’t get to decide.
You probably think that I’m wrong to defend
Those who are “sinners” in your eyes.
Don’t fool yourself: I know you pretend
That you’re better than everyone you despise.
Brothers and sisters, I know those are lies.
“Love the sinner,” and yet you shun.
I’m so tired of hatred; I am so done.

20 October 2016
The prompt today is white, and the suggested form is the tetractys. When we in the West think of white, we usually think of purity and innocence, brides and christening gowns. But white is also snow and ice and emptiness. The empty page can be possibilities or writers' block. White can be a negative colour too.

Stark and Severe

And clear
Deathly pale
Stark and severe
White is not always only positive

19 October 2016
The prompt today is tree, and the suggested poetry type is ode, which isn't a form at all, but a generic catch-all term for a poem that is written in praise of something or someone. While thinking about what to write, the song Snowbird by Anne Murray started running through my head, so I decided to use its rhyme and rhythm for my poem today.

Ode to a Tree

Beneath your leafy branches full and broad,
I stand with face uplifted for my heart is truly awed
By everything you do and all you are
For I am certain that you truly are a superstar.

When I was young, I climbed among your boughs
And, snuggled in your grasp, I felt safe enough to drowse.
Today I wish that I could once again
Ascend among your branches to a place where I remain.

Spread your branches sweeping over me,
And let me hide for just a while from harsh reality.
The days are speeding ever swiftly by,
And if I could, I’d love to stay and watch the world rush by.

18 October 2016
Free verse is simultaneously the easiest and most difficult form. With no set rhyme or metre, the poet can go anywhere, write anything. And there is the difficulty. I find the strictures of a form help to sharpen my focus, while free verse leaves me flailing. I used to write a lot of free verse, but it's been a while.

Today's prompt is senseless, and the suggested form is free verse, so I gave it a try. I thought about writing of things that make no sense, but then I decided to just do a nonsense poem. I've written a couple of these before, but people always find meaning in them that I never meant to include, so we'll see. Here's a poem that makes no sense at all.

Dancing on the Clouds

Give me your hand
We will walk together
Wading through the deep
Swimming in the sky
Loving one another
‘Til a’ the seas gang dry
And melting rocks
And melting clocks
Will mark our time together

17 October 2016
Today's prompt is savoury, and the suggested form is the sonnet. This is my favourite poetry form, and I love writing them. However, most of my sonnets are serious, while today I decided to be a bit silly. It's still true, though. I do like savoury better than sweet.


I’m not a fan of super sweet confections,
I don’t really care ‘bout cake and pie,
I don’t hold for sugar much affection,
It takes so little sweets to satisfy,
But if you give me french fries, cheese, and meat,
Potato chips and popcorn: salty things,
I have a tendency to overeat,
Especially with spice to give a zing.
I’d rather eat my dinner than dessert;
Savoury will always be my pick.
And now you know the map into my heart:
Some fat, some spice, and maybe a salt lick.
Bacon is my favourite of all—
Along with spaghetti and meatballs.

Steak sandwich: yum

16 October 2016
All the shows I've been watching lately seem to have the same theme. On Arrow, Oliver remembered his friend telling him about how the shark will die if it ever stops swimming. On The Flash, Barry learned that going backward will ruin his life. On Supergirl, Kara discovered where she wants to go and how to move forward. On Luke Cage, Pop gave Luke the advice: always forward. I think someone is trying to tell me something.

Today's prompt is in-depth, and the suggested form is the nonet. I was thinking about always moving forward, and about how we cannot see what is under the surface of deep waters, and somehow, it became a double nonet, or a reflection, or an iceberg lurking in the depths.

Always Moving Forward

We must never stop and sit inert
Should continue moving forward
Like a stream flowing onward
On toward the ocean
Never ending life
Hope forever
Always on
The surface
Always moving
Even in winter
When ice freezes over
The river will never stop
Even though we cannot see it
Always moving—it will never stop