22 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 22 - SURPRISE-An Acrostic

Show me something new:

Upset and set askew

Reality for me.

Pervert the expectation;

Reach above your station:

It will set you free.

Shine, and I will too,

Eager to break through.

21 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 21 - Sweet

How sweet are Your words to my taste,

Sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Psalm 119:103

I found the honey in the tomb

And it was sweet.

I took it home

And shared it ‘round

And it was sweet.

You mixed it with a bitter drug

And called it great.

You built a shrine and locked it up

To keep the lepers out.

But honey doesn’t spoil

And, beneath the acrid bane,

It is sweet.

You’ve tried to keep it to yourself;

You walled it off to keep it safe;

But it was not meant to be hoarded.

Fling wide the gates,

Break down the walls,

And share with all.

It is sweet.


20 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 20 - Happy Feet

I miss the fashion and effect,

I miss the way they looked perfect,

But I don’t miss the aching pain.

I miss how fancy I would feel

In a pair of dazzling heels,

But I will not wear them again.

My feet are happier in flats,

And flats can have just as much sass,

And so, from heels I will abstain.


19 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 19 - No Opiate

I saw a prophet on the street:

His head was bowed in base defeat.

He had no home and naught to eat,

While pastors lie and steal and cheat,

And gratify our itching ears;

They pander for the cash and cheers.

And then the roar of masses strong

Drowns out the gentle tender song

Of Love. The rough and angry throng

Are but a clanging, strident gong.

True love is patient; love is kind;

But sometimes love is hard to find.

Religion is no opiate—

It is a cancer breeding hate.

The Church had promise to be great,

But then we closed and locked the gate.

To love is all we’re called to do—

Instead we fight o’er what is true.

The sweetness of the Word is lost;

The grace and welcome we have tossed.

We must return now to the Cross,

And burn away our filthy dross,

Our rags and rubbish, and the mould,

So all remains is purest gold.


18 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 18 - Like a River

Like a river, ever flowing,
Smoothing down the edges,
Wearing off the corners,
The more I write about my pain,
The more it dulls and fades.

17 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 17 - Kicking Up My Fancy's Heels

A dancer? Me? Not at all.

Being quiet is my style.

Chasing thrills is not for me.

Dance is graceful, I am not.

Every day I’d love to be

Found alone and peaceful,

Gathering my thoughts,

Hatching plots.

I am happiest creating,

Journeying within my mind,

Kicking up my fancy’s heels.

Leave me to

My own devices and I don’t

Need a lot:

Only pen and

Paper and a


Room, and I’ll create a

Spectacle like you’ve never seen.

Triumph over struggle,

Untangling a puzzle,

Visiting fantastic

Worlds of magic and

Xenomorphs and



16 October 2020

OctPoWriMo 16 - Paint the Rainbow

Photo by Tony Ross on Unsplash
Photo by Tony Ross on Unsplash

Sunrise, sunset, weeping eyes—

Will you paint the roses red for me?

Paint the midnight rainbow bright—

Change it all and set me free.

Ignite a fire in my soul,

Turn light to dark and dark to light,

Change it all and set me free,

Paint the midnight rainbow bright.

Nothing gold can stay they say,

But still I say, love is the key.

Paint the midnight rainbow bright—

Change it all and set me free.

A sprout becomes a bud, then blooms,

Creating green out of sunlight.

Change it all and set me free—

Paint the midnight rainbow bright.

Sit beside the peaceful stream,

Dive into the deep blue sea,

Paint the midnight rainbow bright,

Change it all and set me free.

Violets are blue? But no.

Turn right to wrong and wrong to right,

Change it all and set me free,

Paint the midnight rainbow bright.