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24 October 2014
Today, we were asked to think about reality TV competition shows, and how wonderful it would be to have one for poetry. My favourite is The Voice and, while I would love a competition show for poets, I really don't think we've thought this through. How many of you really want someone judging and critiquing your work? I would find it helpful, but I have a feeling that I'm in the minority. Which leads me to my poem today.


Judge my writing; rhyme and metre;
Give me honest feedback.
Show me how to make it better;
I’m looking for a teacher.

Poets often can be thin-skinned;
We don’t take crit well.
Let me positively spin it:
We have a fragile shell.

I would rather be an artist
Who learns from others’ comments,
Who doesn’t feel that I’m a target
For all my work is flawless.


Fifi Islaih said...

We put our heart in our poems, it's our baby. I love this poem.

Lizzi R said...

I liked the pun in 'we don't take crit well'

I like criticism if it's constructive and not 'out loud'.

Rod E. Kok said...

I can handle criticism of my work, but not when poetry itself is attacked. Excellent poem!d

seekingmeme said...

I love this - excellent perspective on what considerations we'd have to have for a poetry reality show. I've seen how devastated the designers are on Project Runway when their creations aren't received well. I'm sure we poets would react similarly. Still a fun idea!