04 October 2014

OctPoWriMo 4 - All Are Human

Today's prompt asks us to write about something we believe in. I chose to tackle racism. Recently, I saw a post on Facebook complaining that in Canada, we press 1 for English when calling a customer service centre, and then someone commented that we will soon be "forced to learn Punjabi and Arabic" as if this would be the most terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing. Racism makes me very angry.

All Are Human

Speak English!
Not some heathen tongue!
How awful would it be if we all had to learn another language?
Now, let’s be real:
Studying makes you smarter,
(Well, duh)
And racism makes you dumb.
We’re all the same inside:
Male and female, any colour,
All are human.


  1. A number of years back, there was a senator from Wyoming who proclaimed:
    "If English was good enough for our Lord Jesus Christ, it's good enough for us."

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  3. Really enjoyed this, Esther. Racism makes me angry as well, and unfortunately I have to hear spouts of it quite a bit. I agree, we're all human on the inside. I hope one day EVERYONE sees that. Well done. - Leslye