08 October 2019

OctPoWriMo 8 - Scent

Prompt: scent
Form: sonnet


Roses blooming in the summer rain
And coffee brewing just before the dawn;
A mug of steaming chocolate keeps me sane
When flowers, kittens, raindrops all are gone.

A turkey roasting and a pumpkin pie,
Bacon frying, pine logs in the stove.
Forests, rivers, mountains soothe my eye;
My nose prefers mint, cinnamon, and cloves.

When I’m feeling sad or lost or blue
I remember all my favourite things:
A whiff of favoured smell can bring me through
And lift me up on reminiscent wings.

If I were blind and deaf I’d be content,
But I could not enjoy life without scent.


  1. This is a great two scents worth

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  3. Your poem reminds me of that song, "My favorite things". Scents seems to take the express train directly to memories in our brain. Precious direct lines.
    JadeLi @ http://tao-talk.com