17 October 2019

OctPoWriMo 17 - Protect My Family

Prompt: Family
Form: Kyrielle

Protect My Family

When I hear the news I weep;
I don’t know how some people sleep.
I wish that all were safe and free;
God, protect my family.

It seems as if the world’s gone mad:
What’s bad is good; what’s good is bad,
And selfish people gloat with glee.
God, protect my family.

I thought He died for everyone;
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done:
Wasn’t that the guarantee?
God, protect my family.


  1. Lovely and angry, too. I love the combination.

  2. I liked reading this tight little poem for it says much about the anguish of today's politics/government -- and redefines family in a broader sense. Thank you!

  3. The world is a family. Nicely expressed.