16 October 2019

OctPoWriMo 16 - Done With Time

Prompt: Father Time
Form: Blitz

Done With Time

Hurry, hurry, run, run, run
Hurry, getting nothing done
Done. I’m gonna stop this pace
Done with this rat race
Race I never signed up for
Race for nothing. I need more
More of life and more of peace
More joy before I cease
Cease living on my feet
Cease dancing to time’s beat
Beat the clock? Impossible
Beating gravity’s much more possible
Possible is relative
Possible’s not definite
Definite time will go on
Definitely, ‘til all’s gone
Gone, for time is not that kind
Gone out of sight and out of mind
Mind you, time can also heal
Mind and heart from all ordeal
Ordeals are long but not constant
Ordeals will end and I’m content
Content to stop and smell the roses
Content that time is never frozen
Frozen into crystalled ice
Frozen can seem nice
Nice that things are not declining
Nice and lifeless, fixed and shining
Shining in the stagnant sun
Shining ‘til it comes undone
Done with growing, changing, learning
Done, but no: the world keeps turning
Turning every day to night
Turning darkness into light
Light is truth, light is a liar
Light is life and light is fire
Fire warms and fire kills
Fire isn’t for cheap thrills
Thrills and chills and pounding heart
Thrills are sweet and thrills are tart
Tart and sassy, smart and sharp
Tart and brassy, cheeky harp
Harp will sing at break of dawn
Harping on and on forever
Forever is outside of time
Forever is the all of time
Time is nothing—it’s not real
Time is all: trapped in the wheel