12 October 2019

OctPoWriMo 12 - A Spark in the Dark

Prompt: Black
Form: Shadow Sonnet

A Spark in the Dark

A shadow falls across my life, a shadow
To shield and cover me behind Your shield.
Your rainbow guards my heart. You hold the rainbow
To wield defending me. Your sword I wield:
The Word in flesh; the Light. You are the Word
And everything I need. You’re everything
Unheard no eye has seen nor ear has heard.
I sing in light or dark; for You I sing.
Night and day are Yours, and in the night
The stars proclaim Your glory. Moon and stars:
Light so gentle in the night. Their light
Applause. And all creation stands to give applause.
In darkest night, I find You in the dark;
You spark something with me. You’re my spark.


  1. Love the mystery and joy of faith in this piece!

  2. Enjoyed how you used today's poetic form to bring grace to your song of faith.