08 October 2018

OctPoWriMo 8 - Details to Take

Details to Take

Madness to this method
Madness in the details
Details keep me busy
Details help me see
See beyond the big
See the little things
Things that are important
Things that keep me sane
Sane within the madness
Sane? Well, I don’t know
Knowing is believing
Knowledge is a power
Power in a powder keg
Power in a tiny spark
Sparks are flying
Sparkling in the dark
Darkness flees before the light
Darkness covers, helps me hide
Hide from those who would devour
Hide from hurt
Hurt people hurt people
Hurt me and I’ll rise up stronger
Stronger, angry, cloaked in fury
Stronger, standing with my sisters
Sisters from all tongues and nations
Sisters, everyone together
Together we take back the night
Together we will rise
Rise up though you may feel defeated
Rise again though crucified
Crucified by friends and brothers
Crucified and left to die
Die, all those who would betray us
Die and fall before our fury
Fury blazing ever brighter
Fury stoked by Judas kiss
Kiss that we did not consent to
Kiss my fist
Fist I’m learning how to use
Fist of fire
Fire you are feeding
Fire rising, growing
Growing stronger with resistance
Growing more and more
More—yes, we want more
More, and we will take
Take what we deserve
Take what we are owed