18 October 2018

OctPoWriMo 18 - The Princess and The Dragon

Image by SilviaP_Design on Pixabay

Once upon a time a princess dreamed
And, deep within her heart, desires gleamed
For more than princesses are meant to gain,
For something unexpected, not mundane.

Kissing frogs is fine for other girls—
More her style were lions, tigers, bears.
She ruined many petticoats before
Her parents let her wear trousers and drawers.

She met a dragon in a darkling cave
And, where a knight would send it to its grave,
She bowed and offered friendship to the beast,
And from a curse thereby it was released.

The scaly creature faded rapidly,
Transformed into a girl who smiled bashfully.
The princess wrapped her cloak around her frame
And smiled and sweetly asked her for her name.

Now, together they explore the land,
Side by side and often hand in hand.
Minstrels far and wide sing of their deeds,
How everything they do always succeeds.