31 October 2018

OctPoWriMo 31 - A Step

Step out into the strange uncharted zone—
The road you walk goes ever on and on,
And though, at times, it feels you walk alone,
New companions come with every dawn.

Dawn is breaking as you reach a peak,
And night is falling as you tramp the plains.
Oft times, you feel you won’t find what you seek:
Losses along the way outweigh the gains.

Gains are often small, but you must know
That they are all important to your road:
No matter what you do or where you go,
Whether you are spurred, or when you’re slowed.

Slowed you may oft be, but then again,
Turn a corner, find a little pep;
Under sun, or through the wind and rain,
Your journey starts and ends with just a step.

Image via Pixabay


  1. Very rejuvenating structure. Hope to see you next year too, Esther :)

  2. Fun structure, perfect image. Thanks for our journey this October

  3. Beautiful and inspiring words. I liked the different form you chose.