15 October 2018

OctPoWriMo 15 - Cover Me

You flattered me and made me feel
I was your shelter and your shield,
But never did you give cover to me.
You tried to make me fit your draft,
But I am not clay to be crafted
To fit the script, for it was not my story.

He gives me shelter in the storm,
He is my cover, he is home,
And we have learned to cover one another.
My partner, lover, and my friend,
We share the load, our lives we blend;
He holds me close as we advance together.


  1. Shelter goes both ways - I love how you contrast the two to emphasize the differences. It's a lovely poem, Esther!

  2. That is a great addition to sex education - relationship education summasrised in one poem. Obligatory homework for boys and girls!

  3. shadow and light. beautiful.