24 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 24 - Walking in Snow at Night

Today's prompt suggests that we take a picture and write a story poem inspired by it. I'm not sure if mine is exactly a story, but it's what came to me with this photo.

Walking in Snow at Night

Golden light upon the snow
Under starry skies above
Makes a softer, warmer glow
Than daylight ever does.

The hurry, hurry, busyness,
The frantic rush to get things done,
Feels like distant craziness,
Vanished with the setting sun.

Quiet, hush, your steps must slow,
Squeaking softly in the night,
Following the path of light
Through a world that’s all aglow.


  1. great description of walking in the snow - and I love the squeaking footsteps!

  2. Oh, that's beautiful - definitely captures that muted world of a nighttime walk in the snow. Lovely.