18 October 2013

OctPoWriMo 18 - Only You

Today's prompt asks us to write a bad poem. That's right, a really bad poem. It's harder than it looks. I've had so many years of practising my writing, that it really goes against the grain to try to write badly. I've made an effort, and I think I did a pretty bad job of it today. What do you think?

Only You

I love you
Like Sheldon loves his spot
Like Gollum loves the Ring
Like zombies love brains
But I don’t want to sit on you
Or be controlled by you
Or eat you

You are sweet
Like candy
I don’t really like sugar
But I like you

I need you
Like I need air
And water
And food
And shelter
And clothes
And internet
And books
And I don’t really need all those things
But I need you

You are my teddy bear
But I don’t wanna chain you up
And lead you anywhere
‘Cause that’s cruel

I’m stuck on you
Stuck like glue
Like magnets, we are drawn together

You are my lucky charm
You are my talisman
But only in a non-creepy way

I only have eyes for you
No, wait
I have other things for you too
I meant to say, I have eyes for only you
You are the only one for me
Only you


  1. I like the teddy bear in particular "cause that's cruel". But it is all good and fun to read.

  2. Oh, these are fun! Good job, I loved reading them.

  3. Can;t tell you how beautiful and howww cute was this....hugss

  4. Well, I guess I failed then. I was trying to write a terrible, bad poem. :(

  5. sweet :)
    Innocently awesome !