07 October 2013

OctPoWriMo 7: Death and Cold

Today's prompt.

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame. ~Benjamin Franklin

“I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead; every single one of them. Not just the men, but the women and children too…" ~Anakin Skywalker

Fear leads to anger
Fear leads to death
Death came for his mother
Death gave him power
Power for revenge
Power to kill
Kill them
Kill them all
All of them are dead
All of them—even the children
Children who had barely lived
Children who were innocent
Innocent he used to be
Innocent he is no more
More pain
More darkness
Darkness closes in
Darkness whispers promises
Promises of power
Promises of comfort
Comfort from his dreams
Comfort for his fears
Fears that he can’t save her
Fears that he is helpless
Helpless to protect her
Helpless like before
Before, just like his mother
Before, he was too late
Late at night, he dreams
Late again
Again his fear overcomes him
Again he looks to anger
Anger gives him focus
Anger gives him strength
Strength to do what needs done
Strength to see the truth
Truth that she betrayed him
Truth that he’s alone
Alone against his friend
Alone and broken
Broken in and out
Broken, wounded, burning
Burning alive
Burning forever
Forever alone
Forever cold
Cold as ice
Cold and dark



  1. This made me feel. The anger and the failure and the hatred and the end. What a good job.

  2. Cool style with the last word of one line starting the next two - that really adds to a feeling of urgency or something. Did you make this up or is it a particular poem style? I really enjoyed this very much; it was evocative and intense.

  3. Very good. Really painful in my head.

  4. Wow, I really like this! It's powerful.

  5. Fast-paced. This is the blitz poem? Very powerful and cool. xoA

  6. Very intense. It compels you to keep reading. Great job!

  7. Yes, this is a blitz poem. It's one of my favourite styles to use.

  8. Oh you did a Blitz poem! It is one of my favorite forms! I love this one, I never thought of creating one from a character like this, very well done!