19 October 2013

OctPoWriMo 19 - Pumpkin Hollow

Today's prompt.

Today, we went to a local farm that does fall activities for the public. It's called Pumpkin Hollow. They have a corn maze, hay rides, etc. Today was the last day they are open this year, and they had a costume contest. My two little nieces were a frog and a bear, and my nephew was Spider-Man. We had a blast, but now we're all just wiped. I threw this poem together just before bed.

Pumpkin Hollow

Today we went to Pumpkin Hollow.
We didn’t know the way, so followed
Kendal and Robyn in their van,
With teddy, froggy, and spiderman.

We walked until our feet were sore
And then we walked a little more.
We spent too much on junky food
And yet, we all were in good moods.

The kids were having so much fun:
Yell, and laugh, and scream, and run.
We cannot wait to go again
Athough we now are in such pain.

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