30 November 2012

Winter Was Fun - A Clerihew

The Playing with Words prompt this week is to write a Clerihew.

Winter Was Fun

When my siblings and I were young,
Winter was so much fun.
It seems that the older you grow
The less you love Christmas and snow.


  1. For me, as long as I have children in my life that I can celebrate them both with, I love it. When I don't, I am miserable. Snow and holidays are definitely more for the children than for the adults. Or so it seems to me. Love the poem, thanks for joining us and playing with words!

  2. No laughing when someone falls? You're a good friend!

    I had David Google "Mumakil" for me. Nice answer! :)

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  4. what? john lennon on MOST songs sucks...sorry but true. especially his christmas stuff.

  5. I had an older mustang once, but I think you want something a bit different. Nice to meet you.

    Rhonda at Laugh Quotes