17 July 2012

Have You Ever Interrobanged?

 I just discovered this nifty little punctuation mark today, but according to Wikipedia, it's been around for years. It replaces ?! or !? as in, "You did what?!" Sadly, however, it is still a non-standard form of punctuation and cannot be found in many fonts. (Although, apparently, the default MS Office font Calibri has it. I haven't checked, though.)
I like it. I think I'll start using it in handwritten writing. I wish I could use it in typing. For example, "Why can't I use the interrobang in my blog?!"
Have you ever heard of the interrobang before? Do you think there's a need for it? Would you use it if you could?


  1. I have NOT heard of this, but I definitely need it. I've been wishing for a long time that the "?!" combination wasn't such a no-no in writing novels...

    On top of that, it just looks cool. :)