19 November 2012

Carols - A Cinquain

Today for Playing With Words, we are to write a Cinquain using the following prompt:

"Think about your past week and what noun pops up for you? What noun comes to mind as you are reading this post? What noun is a defining word for you? Make sure the word or words you choose for your poem/poems are two syllable and then have fun playing with your words!"

It is too soon?
Many people think so
But this is my favourite time


  1. Aw, I like it! I sing carols early, too. :)

    Loving the new blog design!!!

    (By the way, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but we're starting a new blog hope called Save-A-Word Saturday. Just trying to spread the word...no pun intended.)

  2. I have mixed feelings about Christmas this year. I do love the songs though. Great job on the poem! Thanks for playing with us!