21 November 2012

Review of Telepaths and Traitors by K.J. Blaine

Telepaths and Traitors (Phoenix Chronicles, #1)Telepaths and Traitors by K.J. Blaine

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Not bad, but not great.

This book reminds me very strongly of Star Trek. I like Star Trek, so that's mostly a good thing. However, it does border on too similar at times. The empathic doctor was a little too much like Deanna Troi.

The characters are interesting and relatable. I cared what happened to them. Once I got past the slow beginning, I really got into their stories and it became difficult to put it down: I had to know what happened to Tim and Steve.

However, the writing is weak and jumbled, often leaving me saying, "Huh?" In one example, a character calls another character on the 'vidphone' and ponders whether she will tell him something. She decides not to tell him, then proceeds to tell him. I went back and reread this scene, wondering if I was mistaken, but no. That's what happens. It seems that another readthrough before publication would have been helpful.

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