20 October 2012

OctPoWriMo 20 - Normal can Change

Today, I discovered a poetry form called The Blitz Poem, and I decided to write one.

Weird is good
Weird is normal
Normal is a lie
Normal is boring
Boring like no colour
Boring like vanilla
Vanilla gets a bad rap
Vanilla needs better press
Press a button
Press your clothes
Clothes make the man
Clothes make the woman
Woman will fight
Woman will roar
Roar for her rights
Roar for her children
Children grow up
Children leave home
Home is where the heart lives
Home is where I loosen up
Up to the rooftops
Up to the mountains
Mountains where the Yeti walks
Mountains where the snow falls
Falls on the fir trees
Falls on the cities
Cities full of noise
Cities full of life
Life is a mystery
Life is weird
Weird is what I am
Weird is different
Different is good
Different is power
Power to reach out
Power to change
Change isn’t easy
Change needs you
You can be a lighthouse
You can be a star
Star twinkle twinkle
Star light star shine
Shine in the darkness
Shine before men
Men can be different
Men can change
Change is good
Change is hard

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