21 October 2012

OctPoWriMo 21 - Smug and Little

Smart mouthed
Smart and smug
Smug guy
Smug that he is wise
Wise guy
Wise in his own eyes
Eyes that close
Eyes that don’t see
See reality
See the truth
Truth is not opinion
Truth is more than mere science
Science cannot prove anything
Science cannot explain everything
Everything is not yet dreamt of
Everything is more than your philosophy
Philosophy cannot dream
Philosophy cannot love
Love is immeasurable
Love is all you need
Need begets desperation
Need tells us we cannot do it alone
Alone and lonely
Alone forever
Forever and ever
Forever is real
Real and true
Real like facts
Facts and figures
Facts can mislead
Mislead us to destruction
Mislead our hearts
Hearts are delicate
Hearts can be broken
Broken sometimes helps us
Broken before rebuilding
Rebuilding our lives
Rebuilding our hope
Hope springs eternal
Hope, love, and faith
Faith lets us see
Faith gives us answers
Answers to our questions
Answers let us know
Know that we are meant for more
Know that we know little
Little thoughts
Little feelings

1 comment:

  1. You have boggled my mind. My mind is literally now made up of a grid with letter dice and a plastic lid. Boggled.. mind..