13 October 2012

OctPoWriMo 13 - Looking for You

Today, I wrote a ballad about my husband Mark. Warning: Mushy lovey dovey stuff follows.

All the time, my whole life through,
I was always looking for you.
And, though I didn’t know it then,
You were searching for me too.
I had given up on men,
Happy to be single when,
You showed up and changed my life;
You caused my barréd heart to open.
You taught me how to sing and laugh;
You gave me joy in place of strife;
I love you, and you love me;
You asked me to become your wife.
And now today I clearly see,
Now “you” and “I” are only “we,”
That you were always the one who
Was meant to be with me.


  1. This poem hugged me so hard it squeezed out tears.

  2. I like poems that draw out smiles. This is definitely one of those poems. :)

  3. Nothing wrong with mushy. That was very sweet, Esther. :)