21 October 2017

OctPoWriMo 21 - Paper Wings

Today's prompt is Nothing Remains the Same, and the suggested form is the abecedarian. I tried writing one, but 26 lines is a very long poem, and I learned years ago that sometimes a poem needs to stop before it gets too unwieldy, so I stopped.

Paper Wings

All is changing—that is living:
Balance learned through love and forgiving.
Comfort found in static things
Doesn’t last—like paper wings.
Everything must change to grow:
Flow like rivers, fall like snow.


  1. Esther, I really like this one. Love the couplets and the paper wings metaphor. The final couplet is perfect. Thank you. xoA

  2. I love this so much. I agree with Annis on the last couplet - just beautiful.

  3. Really beautiful. So much said in so few words. I too like the metaphor of the paper wings.