12 October 2017

OctPoWriMo 12 - Imaginary Friends

Today's prompt is Imagination Stands in the Road, and we were asked to remember our imaginary friends—if we had them. I had four. Pomby was my first, and I created her alone, while the other three were created along with my sister.

We were also challenged to write a sestina today, which is a very difficult form.

Imaginary Friends

Pomby, Piecey, Chunky, and Pottatoa were their names.
Pomby was first and dearest, a tiny shadow.
The others were joint creations with my little sister,
The first characters created by us tiny writers
Before we knew how to make stories;
We would run outside, playing games together.

When we started creating stories together,
We soon forgot all but their names.
We needed new characters for our new stories.
Our imaginary friends faded into shadow
As we grew into our destiny as writers:
Me and my little sister.

So many years have passed, and my sister
And I no longer write together.
We have grown into distinct writers,
Making our own names,
Neither living in the other’s shadow;
Yet we still read and critique each other’s stories.

So many years and so very many stories,
And my greatest friend has always been my sister.
My memories are mostly lost to shadow
Of all the tales we used to make together.
We knew someday our names
Would be among known writers.

And now we’re fanfic writers,
And readers love our stories.
They may not know our real names,
But they know our words, especially my sister’s.
We still love to work together;
Upon our work, each other’s shadow.

My memories of childhood are but shadows;
I would forget it all were I not a writer.
I remember creating things together,
Though I can’t recall the stories
Me and my sister
Created so long ago. But the names

Are yet shadows of the stories
We tiny writers me and my sister
Imagined together with their names.


  1. Wow! Impressive! One day, maybe, I'll get to try too!
    Loved reading about your journey becoming writers.

  2. I wrote a warmhearted compliment for your beautiful poem, but it looks like it disappeared in digital space. Probably because I had your page open since yesterday. Sorry!