26 November 2018

New Project

Since I published my newest poetry collection, I've been looking for a new project to work on. I think I'm going to start putting together some of my short stories. I know they say it's easier to sell a novel, but I haven't written one, and who knows if I ever will? I write short things.

I know I read short story collections, but I've noticed some things about them that bug me. Usually, they are all one theme, which is good, but the stories don't seem to fit together logically at all. Does that bother anyone else? I guess most of the collections I've read are multi-author, so it would be hard to make the stories fit together.

I'm actually reading a short story collection right now, and I really enjoyed the first story, which was  lighthearted fun and very short, but the second story was long and slow and dark and just gross. They were the same theme/genre, but had nothing else in common.

I need to go through my stories and see if I have enough to make a book of all stories that have the same feeling/tone as well as genre/theme.

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