07 June 2012

I DO Have Time to Write!

Camp NaNoWriMo is teaching me so much. I used to think I would write a novel some day, when I have the time. But why would I think that the future will be so different than today? Why would I have more time to write "some day" than I do now? Having a goal with a time limit in which to complete said goal is very motivating. I'm finding that I do have time to write--or rather, I am making time to write.
I also found my own personal writing style: I put the computer away, get a pen and a notebook, and do it old school. This is a very visceral way of getting words out, and they flow so easily. The pen feels like an extension of my hand. I'm a very fast touch typist, so I wouldn't have thought it, but the keyboard gets in my way. It doesn't feel natural. I'm also way too tempted to revise while typing. I'll type my novel up later, after Camp is over, and I'm ready to start revising.
For those of you who are also Camping this month, what is Camp NaNo teaching you about yourself and your personal writing style?


  1. One of the best things about NaNo is what it teaches a writer. I've learned I too can make the time to write (still need to remember that sometimes) and that I work best under a brief outline.

  2. For me, it's not about just finding the time to write, it's finding MY time to write. The time of day that is optimal for me and my creativity. It even inspired a blog post!


    1. I'm not a night owl or a morning person, but I didn't realize that for years, because I thought you had to be one or the other. I'm at my best in the midday to early afternoon.