21 October 2016

OctPoWriMo 21 - In My Nature

Today's prompt is nature, and the suggested form is the terzanelle. As I often do, I went a bit off the rails; instead of talking about trees and water and whatnot, I talked about my nature. This led me into a topic that has been on my mind and heart a lot lately, and I kinda got a bit angry. 

Disclaimer: I am a Christian, but I feel like I have to call out some of my fellow Christians for the hateful things they sometimes say and do.

In My Nature

It’s not in my nature to hate anyone.
Love is love and love will win.
Why can’t we all just live in the sun?
Condemned to hell for mortal sin:
Can’t you see how you push them away?
Huddled together, looking within,
In your ivory towers you watch and pray,
Hiding away from the world outside,
Avoiding the cooties you see on the “gays.”
Don’t you remember for whom Jesus died?
Not only you and your churchgoing friends;
God loves us all; you don’t get to decide.
You probably think that I’m wrong to defend
Those who are “sinners” in your eyes.
Don’t fool yourself: I know you pretend
That you’re better than everyone you despise.
Brothers and sisters, I know those are lies.
“Love the sinner,” and yet you shun.
I’m so tired of hatred; I am so done.

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  1. Those Jesus hung out with and those he told off was a great surprise to those he told off.