19 June 2015

I Love My Dad

For the first time in years, my dad is going to be in the same town as me for Father's Day, and I am excited. I don't get to see him as often as I would like to, and he usually doesn't stay long when he comes to visit, so this is exciting. This time, he arrived today (Friday) and will be staying until Sunday afternoon. Yay! :)

Living 3 provinces away from my dad is sometimes hard for me. But I love Saskatchewan, and don't regret moving here, despite missing the mountains of BC. I never did anything with the mountains anyway, not being into mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, or any of that other stuff BC people are supposed to be all about.

My dad, on the other hand, loves the mountains. He grew up in Manitoba and will never live in the prairies again. So I have to drive a day and half to see him or he has to drive that long to come here. So having him here this weekend is really awesome.

How are you celebrating Father's Day?

Scroll down to see how much you know about Father's Day grammar! (Found on http://grammarly.com/grammar-check)


  1. Yeah. 7 out of 7. The post was cool tòo.

  2. Yeah. 7 out of 7. The post was cool tòo.

  3. Mountains aren't for playing on; they're just for looking at.

  4. And I can look at them without living near them. :D