27 March 2012

Review of Brigitta of the White Forest by Danika Dinsmore

I really enjoy a good solid quest story, where an unlikely--even unwilling--hero goes on a journey to find the talisman or magic needed to save the world. Brigitta of the White Forest is such a tale.
The writing style is engaging and professional, drawing the reader in and holding attention. The main characters, Brigitta and her little sister Himalette, are very real; they act just like real sisters. Although, I have to admit that my favourite character is Minq. I love his ears!

There's nothing really new here, except that the main characters are winged faeries, which is interesting, but doesn't really add that much to the plot. That's okay, though, as it is a good solid plot and is written in an enjoyable style. Sometimes you don't need anything new.

All in all, I recommend this novel for fans of fantasy.


  1. Thanks, Esther for the review. The cover is beautiful! Love the ambiance created with it. Is it MG? Looks like it... ;)

    1. I agree the cover is beautiful. I wish I knew who created it--I might want to use them too. ;)