13 October 2015

OctPoWriMo 13 - Love Will Be

Today's prompt asks us to write about risks we are willing to take, and suggests using the blitz form. This is one of my favourite poetry forms, so I had to take up the challenge. Instead of writing about risks I might/will take, I wrote about a risk I took seven years ago: on September 1, 2008, I asked my best friend if he wanted to be my boyfriend. This year, we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. So that risk worked out well, I think. ;)

Love Will Be

I had waited
I had dreamed
Dreamed of love
Dreamed of forever
Forever I would be with him
Forever we would love
Love is patient
Love is blind
Blind to signs that all could see
Blind to feelings, leaving fear
Fear of rejection
Fear of being open
Open up my mouth
Open up my heart
Heart so full of love
Heart so full of hope
Hope like a tiny flickering flame
Hope that flared at his response
Response that fulfilled my every wish
Response set my heart ablaze
Ablaze with feeling
Ablaze with joy
Joy that never yet has waned
Joy that took me to the church
Church with friends and family
Church where we became one
One flesh
One soul
Soul mate was just a word before
Soul mate is my husband now
Now we have woven our lives together
Now we are one soul in two bodies
Bodies that once were separate
Bodies that yearn to touch
Touch my heart
Touch my hand
Hands entwined
Hands so strong
Strong and able to keep me safe
Strong, yet gentle
Gently holds me
Gently gives his best
Best lover
Best friend
Friends we are
Friends we will always be
Be together
Be forever


  1. Sweet, loving, and well done. Thanks for sharing with OctPoWriMo. Happy for you and your love.

  2. What a sweet Blitz! :) Bastet