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2014 Reading Challenge
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11 October 2016
Today's prompt is lively and the suggested form is acrostic. I've always loved writing acrostics. I looked at the list of words given on the prompt page—spirited, gutsy, determined, feisty, zealous—and most of my acquaintances would say that none of them describe me at all. I am famous for being very quiet and introverted. My closest friends and family would know that I can be all of the above, however, if the right circumstances are met.

Feisty Quiet

Family know I can be spirited;
Everyone else thinks I’m always composed.
Inside my soul,
Searing control
Takes all of
Your anger transposed.

Quickly I go
Under the deeps,
Into my head,
Ever to keep
To myself.


Mark said...

RRRRow, you fiery filly.

Crystal Collier said...

Nice. Love the image to go with the prompt.