13 October 2013

OctPoWriMo 13 - The Song of the Spheres

Today's prompt asked us to choose a letter and craft a poem using as many words beginning with that letter as we could. I didn't feel like doing that, so I'm rebelling today. I wrote an alliterative 4-stress poem (Tolkien was known for using this form). It's still something to do with letters and alliteration.

The Song of the Spheres

We shall sing the song of the spheres
Painters, poets, players, people
All together giving thanks
For love and life and light and loss
For freedom from fear
With the words of the winged ones
"Holy, holy, holy, holy"
Stars and streams and storms all sing
Let us join the joyful praise
Still my soul shall sing
"Holy, holy, holy, holy"


  1. What an uplifting, life-affirming poem! And I think it loosely fits the prompt. Whatever you're inspired to, I say!

  2. This was an unexpected find tonight... I love how inspiring and uplifting it is! Well done.