21 September 2012

Public Bathrooms are Gross

I may be a bit of a germaphobe. When I use a public washroom, I don't like to touch anything. I always use the paper towel to turn off the taps unless there is no paper towel available, in which case I shudder as I touch the taps with my clean hands. I know those taps aren't clean because I just turned them on with my unwashed hands!

I hate air dryers in public washrooms. Who knows who might have touched the power button? With what on their hands? I use my elbow to turn it on. Same thing for paper towel dispensers that have that stupid little lever you're supposed to push with your fingers: I push it with my elbow.

And don't expect me to touch the door to get out either. I use the paper towel here again. I refuse to touch the door with my freshly washed clean hands. I know that not everyone washes their hands after they use the toilet, and that's fine for them, but then they touched that door! So I'm not going to touch it. Yuck.

Where I work, we have "automatic" paper towel dispensers. They're not those cool electric ones, though. See picture? As long as the towel is hanging out, you don't have to touch anything. But often it isn't hanging out, and then you have to turn the thingy on the side to make it come out. I used to think these things were just glitchy, but then I saw someone actually lift up and tear on the towel, so they purposely left it not hanging out! Then I saw several other people do the same thing. Why would you do that?! Now I have to turn the thingy on the side, then wash my hands again before I can dry them!

I always always make sure to leave the towel hanging out for the next person. Courtesy, Golden Rule, good karma, you know?

On the bright side, I haven't gotten a flu shot in years, but haven't caught the flu. I must be doing something right. :)

What do you think? Am I a germaphobe?

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  1. You might be a little bit of a germaphobe, but that's okay, especially when it comes to public bathrooms.

    I love the sinks where the water is automatic as well as the hand dryer/paper towels. All bathrooms should have those.